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How do I hang a mural?Updated 2 years ago


Not sure where to start when it comes to hanging your mural? Follow our easy instructions to make sure you get the expert finish your mural deserves.

Prepare your walls

The first thing you need to do before installing any type of wall covering is to prepare your walls. Doing so means your wall mural will have a long and healthy life and is key to the perfect finish.

Read this post on how to prepare your walls before decorating with wallpaper before hanging your mural.

mural panels

Cut the panels

Your mural will come in a series of panels like the image above. Cut your panels where the cut lines are indicated (starting with number 1). This is the direction you will hang each piece of the mural.

All of our murals are 'paste the wall'. This means you paste the wall and NOT the paper. We would advise a premium premixed tub of 'Paste The Wall' adhesive widely available online or at your local DIY store. Nina loves to use 'Solvite Paste the Wall' paste in particular as it rolls on pink and dries clear (which can be extremely handy when it comes to decorating!)

Please do not use self-mix adhesives, all purpose or heavy duty paste as these are not suitable for our beautiful designs.

Hang the panels

Next, hang each panel with a straight match from left to right, starting with panel 1. Ensure it's vertically straight (we'd recommend a laser level!), then smooth down and trim where necessary. Then, move on to the next panel! It really is as simple as that.
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