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How to prep your walls for wallpaperUpdated 2 years ago

prepping your walls for wallpaper

Prep is key to a perfect and long-lasting finish when it comes to decorating, so it's important you get it right. Follow our steps for prepping your walls correctly;

Prepping your walls for wallpaper

1. Firstly remove any old wallpaper and loose paint, then fill and sand any imperfections or cracks

2. Next, clean the wall with detergent or sugar soap

3. On fresh plaster and/or painted walls, "size" or "seal" the wall before wallpapering

4. This means making up a diluted solution of paste and liberally applying to the walls being decorated, then letting it dry. It will be absorbed into the porous plaster and will stop the paste being absorbed when it is applied

5. If your walls are a little on the old side or not in the best condition, we recommend that walls are cross lined using a good quality lining paper

6. Lining paper should be allowed to dry out completely before hanging the wallpaper

7. Turn the central heating off and ensure the room is well-aired during the application and drying time

8. Dark coloured papers may need their edges coloured with a crayon of a similar tone to avoid white edges showing

All our wallpapers are Paste the Wall, which means you paste the wall and not the paper. We advise a premium pre-mixed tub of 'Paste The Wall' paste (Solvite Paste the Wall paste has been tried, tested and proven to work with our papers) widely available online or at your local DIY store.

We advise to NOT use all purpose or heavy duty paste these are not suitable for our beautiful designs.

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